by Trader Jack

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released January 29, 2012



all rights reserved


Trader Jack Chesapeake, Virginia

Hey, I'm Trader Jack. I live in Chesapeake, VA. I've been writing and recording for a while now and I just started playing live (open mics) which is pretty exciting. Fire bath will eventually (someday) be a full album. Plumbing the Depths is a dark little folk EP, I'm a Boss is a EDM single, SongFu and SpinTunes are song writing contests. Oh, and there are covers now. Enjoy! ... more

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Track Name: Let Nothing Be Left Behind
They'll all have to be unauthorized.
No one kills my legend but me.
Feel that nimbus?
It's like Ah Ooh Rah!

Lay your tracks
Refine the engine
Stoke the furnace
Make the sweat vaporize

Flesh sculpting is the first frontier
Every warrior's alone here
Flex and strain against the cage
Train and hone a razor blade rage

I'm a dog'on poetic freak
don't tell me how to feel the burn
I feel it 6 ways to Sunday
Hollerin 'bout like its Christmas, Move!
Mahaya, ya don't grow up sittin down.

Break the chains on your wild side
You can't say you never tried
You won't have to ever hide
Tear the knots, soul's untied

Go, Let Nothing Be Left Behind, Fight

I know it hurts. Hold on. Hold on.
Track Name: Sumner Wynn - The Great Weight
All these plans, what a waste.
I'll have so much free time now.
Oh God, the speech.
Imagine myself placid on a beach.
They can't blame me, I did my best.
I feel gross, I need a rest.
But there's no escape.
I can already feel it.
The somber devil on my shoulder
At every turn
jarringly brushing my cheeck
allows me no solace, no solace, no solace
Can I resist sinking deep into the irony
cackling madly as the house burns down
as the corn-fed simpletons gasp bulge-eyed in bewilderment
fodder for the fresh forged crown
It's not their fault, it's indoctrination
it's not their fault, or some such jazz
it's not their fault, it's indoctrination
it's not their fault.
The great weight that was nearly mine
it weighs on me despite and still
And I'm queer with fear, that it always will.
I mean attacking the press is an attack on the 1st amendment.
It's the very first amendment.
It's like Mao's back from the dead
once more leading the reds
with the same inane rhetoric and propoganda
for the people, against the people,
onward, onward to autocracy.
Sycophants trading dignity for your daily bread
No resentment
No contentment.
Track Name: Singing My Heart Out
Let's go see some lucky people
Lucky to see me
They're only over yonder
Special visits are the bees knees
But don't stink up my car
with your meat breath
or your pre-beer-shit-farts
And I'll be singing very loudly the whole way
I'll be singing very loudly the whole way
Oh Woah Oh Woah Oh
As a side note to everyone
When you see me screaming at you
in traffic, don't be alarmed
I'm only singing my heart out
I'm only singing my heart out
I never notice people staring
by actively avoiding eye contact
Look, scenery
What a treasure it is out here
Let's pull over and build a house
Pretty close but not too close to this highway
Pretty close but not too close to this highway
Oh Woah Oh Woah Oh
And the engine's good to go
So no hick greaser's gonna milk us
The cops all got the day off
for good behavior and justice
I'm starving...
Let's get ice cream after some Vietnamese
Let's get ice cream after some Vietnamese
Let's get some ice cream after we get some Vietnamese