Plumbing the Depths

by Trader Jack



theme album: going crazy for/because of music


released February 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Trader Jack Chesapeake, Virginia

Hey, I'm Trader Jack. I live in Chesapeake, VA. I've been writing and recording for a while now and I just started playing live (open mics) which is pretty exciting. Fire bath will eventually (someday) be a full album. Plumbing the Depths is a dark little folk EP, I'm a Boss is a EDM single, SongFu and SpinTunes are song writing contests. Oh, and there are covers now. Enjoy! ... more

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Track Name: Rocket Ship Manifesto
Nobody follow me downstairs. I need some time to get prepared.
I'm building a rocket ship to fly away. It should be done soon here now any day.
It's made of melodies, I'm pretty sure. That's what it said in the brochure.
It holds 11 billion. It runs on dreams. It's nowhere near capacity.
Nobody follow me downstairs. I need some to make repairs.
I'm having trouble but everything's fine. We should still be taking off in no time.
It's not as easy as I thought it'd be. These instructions are all jibberish to me.
The coolants leaking, I've crossed a few wires. I've had to put out a couple fires.
Nobody follow me downstairs. I trained for this. I'm not scared.
I'm building a rocket ship no matter what. You'll see from what my jib is cut.
I'll hunker down and figure this out. My mind's got no room for doubt.
Throw what's left together sans reason or rhyme. Tell everyone it's finally time.
Everybody follow me downstairs. Let's use this time to get prepared.
I've built a rocket ship as you can see. You can all sit in the passenger seat.
I'll need some gas money. Everyone pays. Let's drive to Austin I hear it's OK there.
There'll be no refunds, no souvenirs. You should hold on tight; I've had a few beers.
Everybody follow me downstairs. Be not afraid but be aware,
that I'm the captain. I'll brook no complaint. I am what I am, a saint I ain't.
How 'bout a count down, we'll skip all but 10. I hope I never see this place again.
We'll blast off, let's go and go far. Hey, everybody look, the stars...