SongFu 2012

by Trader Jack

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Songs written for the SongFu "contest" as described here


released February 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Trader Jack Chesapeake, Virginia

Hey, I'm Trader Jack. I live in Chesapeake, VA. I've been writing and recording for a while now and I just started playing live (open mics) which is pretty exciting. Fire bath will eventually (someday) be a full album. Plumbing the Depths is a dark little folk EP, I'm a Boss is a EDM single, SongFu and SpinTunes are song writing contests. Oh, and there are covers now. Enjoy! ... more

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Track Name: Go West Young Man
Business got slow. Out I go
in the street with all my friends.
I guess I don't get to look forward
anymore, to the weekends.
We're peeking in the windows, hoping for signs
"Help wanted," You can have mine.
Doesn't anybody want me and my little hands?
When times get tough they say go west young man.
Build a little cabin in the wilderness.
Pluck all of the gold out of the ground.
On second thought, that sounds really hard.
We'd just die out there.
So, we'll stay here
and take everything you have.
Stay in your house or we'll rob you.
It's not something we want to do.
Put the check in the mail, most kindly
When we receive it we'll think well of you.
Daddy's big store sells business.
Momma teaches kids to be smart.
Economy washed her hands of me
and broke my little (useless) heart.
Track Name: I Could Use a Vacation
It takes too long
to get where I like.
There's no gas in the car.
Ain't no tires on my bike.
I could use a vacation
to get away from these jerks.
I could use some more towels
and a T.V. that works.

Sometimes I fall down,
when I do I skin my knees.
I need special tools
to cut down trees.
In day my skin burns
and at night I freeze.
Seems it's all harder
than it needs to be.

And the greatest curse of all is reason.

Everyone ever hates me
and everyone sucks.
When I take the stage
no one wishes me luck.
The music don't move me,
not the way that it should.
Who could ever be happy?
Who could ever be good?

I could use some money.
I could do with some love.
I could use a sign, a sense, a touch
from God above.
I feel like a whale
always holding my breath.
The depths are vague, and void, and
reminiscent of death.